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What can parents do to help their children become independent?


Penny Travers - ABC, 2 February 2017.

Most parents would do anything for their kids — after all, they just want what’s best for them. But what if continually being at your child’s beck and call actually meant they failed to become independent and launch into adulthood? An expert says parents need to take a step back and give their kids room to find their own feet.

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¿Qué pasa con el abandono educativo?

¿Qué pasa con el abandono educativo?

Es el porcentaje de jóvenes entre 18 y 24 años de edad sin un título de educación secundaria superior, o que no cursan ningún tipo de estudios, aunque sean no reglados. En España, la educación secundaria superior agrupa a bachillerato, FP Básica (FPB) y ciclo medio de...